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Post by Lavamaker7 on Sun Apr 28, 2013 9:19 pm

1. In-Game Name: Lavamaker7
2. Are you Over the age of 18? No, but I'm two years off.
3. Do you plan on joining a existing camp or making a new one? I am currently making a new one with "Owner".
4. When someone kills you do you Rage quit or Find the closest spawn location and hunt them down like the dog they are? Neither, I just spawn in the same spot every time..What's done is done.
5. Tell us a little about yourself? Well I play Dayz, for starters. Uhm, I love the bandit life. In most games where you choose a good or evil side, I always choose evil. I like to rush into places instead of looking at my surroundings. What else.., I only fire if I'm fired at first. So you can say I'm a good bandit.
6. Do you have TS3 and a Mic? I do have both of them. But my computer gets extremely loud with shes working too hard and sometimes when i talk through the mic, on the receiving end it sounds like a plan it taking off. Very Happy

Thats all.


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