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Post by ugz on Thu Apr 18, 2013 5:24 pm

1. In-Game Name: Underground 7373c3fb21845cb0bd0a5d1ef8620beb
2. Are you Over the age of 18? 25
3. Do you plan on joining a existing camp or making a new one? Already have a camp
4. When someone kills you do you Rage quit or Find the closest spawn location and hunt them down like the dog they are? I usually go do something else til I get the motivation to restart over again, but that shouldn't be a problem here.
5. Tell us a little about yourself? I'm a father of 2. I'm very raunchy and a comedian. I'm usually doing other things as I'm playing so getting game time is a big task as I have a toddler who beats me and breaks everything.
6. Do you have TS3 and a Mic? of course


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