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Post by croze on Tue Apr 16, 2013 10:16 pm

1. In-Game Name:


2. Are you Over the age of 18?


3. Do you plan on joining a existing camp or making a new one?

I already am sharing a camp with Krymzon and Saidoo.

4. When someone kills you do you Rage quit or Find the closest spawn location and hunt them down like the dog they are?

Depends on how I'm feeling to be honest if I didn't lose anything important then I could care less but if I need to get my stuff back I'll make note of their name to catch them on the flipside. Trying to be a hero is hard work not just shooting everyone in the face at first sight and all lol.

5. Tell us a little about yourself?

Big fan of most FPS games since COD2 it all went down hill a lot thanks to MW2 but w/e. I fell down the SWG then the WoW rabbit holes and haven't really found another MMO I've liked in the slightest. Now I spend most of my time playing DayZ I can't wait for the stand alone but at least Origins is making the wait bearable. Also playing Smite pretty regularly as well same name on there as DayZ. Terrible Heli Pilot enter at your own risk!

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Post by STONED on Wed Apr 17, 2013 5:25 pm



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