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Post by Rynthas on Thu Apr 18, 2013 8:43 pm

1) Rynthas
2) Yes.
3) Camps imply a sense of permanence that I feel the world cannot truly offer. As such, I will forever be a vagabond living from one can of beans to the next.
4) Neither. I will carefully stalk them until their diet of sardines and coke result in the inevitable horrible gastric distress. In their moment of weakness, while they're squatting up against a tree, I will strike quickly and silently. They shall know my wrath as I firmly lodge a pinecone in their most delicate of orifices, and they shall know my mercy when I slide my knife into their kidney shortly after.
5) I once consumed an entire cheesecake by myself. Folly and hubris, thy name is Rynthas.
6) Yes.


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